Family Intervention Program

New Behavioral Network’s Family Intervention Program offers services which may improve the likelihood of children, who have been removed from the home and placed in foster care, being successfully reunited with their birth parents. New Behavioral Network supports the current presumption that favors parents’ rights to raise their children. We know that for children in foster care, reunification with their birth parents is often the primary permanency goal and the most likely reason a child will leave placement. Our program is also focused on assisting caregivers in developing positive parenting techniques.

Program Objectives

By participating in program services, caregivers will:

  • Gain an understanding of positive parenting practices, which they can then incorporate into their daily routines.
  • Address underlying issues preventing them from providing the best possible home environment for their children.
  • Increase understanding and accessibility of local community resources.
  • Create detailed and working monthly budgets to help them manage a household more effectively.
  • Receive professional guidance navigating the various components and processes of the Family Court system (i.e. reunification).

Family Interventionists Provide Assistance With:

  • Parenting Education & Strategies
  • Supervised Visits
  • Employment Resources
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Community Resources
  • Safe & Affordable Housing
  • Life Skills
  • Daily Routines & Time Management

Program Methods

  • Engage caregivers in evidenced-based parent education (i.e. “Triple P”: Positive Parenting Program).
  • Model the skills necessary to raise their children in a nurturing, supportive, engaging, and disciplined environment.
  • Assist caregivers with scheduling professional and clinical appointments for themselves and their children.
  • Introduce caregivers to relevant community and resources aimed at offering assistance and support for individual needs.

Team Members

Program Supervisor:

The Program Supervisor oversees the Family Intervention Program in its entirety. The Supervisor also manages the responsibilities of the Case Managers and Family Interventionists.

Case Manager:

The Case Manager is responsible for assuring that the delivery of family intervention services remains in compliance with Division of Family Services (DFS) contract requirements. The Case Manager also serves as the first point of contact with DFS and with newly referred clients.

Family Intervention Worker:

The Family Intervention Worker (FI) provides direct community based services to the identified client and his/her family. The FI assists the family in the completion of their DFS case plan so that the family’s children either remain in the home or return to the home from their temporary placement. The FI communicates regularly with DFS regarding the family’s progress and provides court testimony during Family Court proceedings.

All New Behavioral Network, Inc. employees embody the highest standards and qualifications set forth by the company.

We accept Division of Family Services (DFS) and private referrals.

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