Home Based Family Support

Families receiving services under this program typically have one or more serious conditions (i.e. Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Mental Health or Physical Problems, etc.) which if not addressed could result in out-of-home placement. Our Master’s level workers serve these families by assisting them in addressing the systemic issues hindering the family dynamic.

New Behavioral Network-DE, Inc.’s Home Based Family Support Program recognizes and supports the belief that parents are the head of their households. Our services intend to strengthen a caregiver’s skills by supporting, encouraging, and assisting them in their parenting roles. All services are generally rendered within the family’s home.

Home Based services should never be pursued at the expense of a child’s safety and/or best interests.

Home Based services are designed to:

  • Promote the well-being of children and families
  • Increase the stability of biological, extended, and adoptive families
  • Afford children a safe, stable, and supportive family environment
  • Increase caregiver confidence and competence in parenting abilities

All New Behavioral Network, Inc. employees embody the highest standards and qualifications set forth by the company.

We accept Division of Family Services (DFS) and private referrals.

New Castle County
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Kent & Sussex County
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