Mobile Outpatient Program

New Behavioral Network-DE, Inc.’s Mobile Outpatient Program provides community-based interventions designed to assist the client, their family, their school, and other members of their natural helping network in learning the skills necessary in dealing with existing problems. Under certain circumstances, our program may be considered an suitable alternative to psychiatric day treatment, residential treatment, and/or hospitalization. Services include, but are not limited to, professional therapeutic services, such as individual, group, and family treatment, medication evaluation and monitoring, and case management.

Children ages 3 to 17 are eligible to receive Mobile Outpatient services.

Program Objectives

As stated in our contract with the Division of Prevention & Behavioral Health (PBH):

  • Reduce the need for residential treatment placements.
  • Reduce the behaviors or symptoms which led to the referral.
  • Reduce frequency of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization episodes.
  • Reduce frequency and duration of behaviors leading to residential treatment or psychiatric hospitalization.
  • Increase the frequency of appropriate social contacts.
  • Increase in functioning across the domains of work, school, and community.
  • Increase the number of days between hospital, residential, and crisis episodes.
  • Increase the number of consecutive days the youth engages in academic, vocational, or other training programs.

We accept Division of Prevention & Behavioral Health Services (DPHS) and private referrals.

New Castle County
Fax Referrals: (302) 892-9688

Kent & Sussex County
Fax Referrals: (302) 730-0725

Delaware’s 24-Hour Child Priority Response (CPR) Hotline: (800) 969-4357

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, please dial 911 or present to your nearest urgent care center immediately.